It's Alright EP

by Faryn Sand

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It’s Alright, released by indie label, ProGenitor Entertainment Network, marks Faryn’s first professional step into the music industry. The three tracks on the EP were recorded at Galuminum Foil Studios in Brooklyn, NY, under the supervision of producer/musician/studio owner, Chris Cubeta. Highly seasoned musicians, Rob Calder, Thad DeBrock, and Ryan Vaughn rounded out the recording team. Reflecting on his experience working with Faryn, Vaughn says, “Faryn’s music is simple and honest. In the studio, the songs seemingly played themselves…it was very inspiring to be a part of the whole recording process.” As Faryn launches her career as a recording artist, she contemplates her ultimate goal: “For me, my objective is simply to reach people, to arouse in them something that makes them feel, see, hear, or understand more clearly—something that makes them feel connected.” It’s likely safe to say that the debut EP is a stellar first step toward realizing that goal, although these songs offer just a glimpse of what is yet to come. In 2010, Faryn’s first full-length album, Saints Be Brave, will see the journey continue.


released October 15, 2009

Chris Cubeta - acoustic guitar, keys, backing vox, production

Thad DeBrock - electric guitar

Rob Calder - bass

Ryan Vaughn - percussion

Faryn Sand - lead vox, acoustic guitar



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Faryn Sand New York, New York

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Track Name: False Eye
I'm facing this sweet operation
Take all these demons, erase them from my life
So hey, what do you say, darlin'
Weren't we made to look at each other this way

And if I turn around
I'm asking you try a little harder
to take me inside, hold me down
and whisper of some starry ending where I'll be fine

I'm sorry, all of the answers escape me now
All of the questions, they come down to how we stand
in the face of this sweet operation
Take all these reasons, erase them from my mind


With our one false eye wide open
as we slip ourselves along this shabby mile
of lonely searching, what we find, we find
has been there all the while
All the while


So hey, what do you say, darlin'
Weren't we made to look at each other this way
Track Name: It's Alright
So you break your way through another day
and you are pleading, I'm at the end of my fall
Where the wise man sits and the prophet quits
and there's a reason, but you don't hear nothing at all

And oh how we lie when we're trying to speak of something true
how we spin when we're holding the hand of a lover

Gotta find your voice in a mound of choice
The rains are comin, and no one's lending you a hand
They like to tell us time runs out, though it never did begin
The fire goes and the fire comes, and we're still laughing
The revolution didn't go as we had planned but it's alright


Come on now, ohhhh
Well I’ve faced those broken bridges too and it's alright
And I still shake the way you do and it's alright
Said I still shake the way you do


When the wise man sits and the soul admits
that there's a reason, your will has risen to the call
So you break your way through another day
Cuz you are breathing
You're at the end of the fall
You're at the end of the fall
Oh and it's alright


Said it's alright
I’ve seen those broken bridges
It's alright
And I still shake the way you do
And it's alright

You didn't find what you came looking for tonight
but it's alright
You're gonna see another inch of light in the morning
Yeah, yeah
Track Name: Pre-Dawn
Laid out in flame
And nothing is OK right now
Red dust and an ounce of pain
upon the window sill

Whose fight is worth what
the struggle and the questioning of love
inside we're bound
My father's flesh is back in the earth
somehow that happened

And nothing fits but the skin of a ghost
And all of these barricades
nothing's coming close to me
All that we've been fearing is what is most human

Somebody please take me home
and give me perspective
and place a glass of water in my hands
and ask me if I am okay in the pre-dawn
and give me the breath I need to go on, da da da

Whose fight is worth what
When we won't turn the pages of these scriptures that we keep
My body is aching underneath white sheets
The needle comes and I'm growing weary

I can't find solace, nothing is winning
and this is not the story you cast for yourself
Five angels pass right by the window while I'm looking
for a sign at the door


I'm walking half asleep
So I pray my soul to keep
the blood in my veins
I must derail my anger
I feel this rain
slip into my mouth


I need to go on
I need to go on
I need to go on....